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The Look Salon & Blow Dry Bar is a proud partner of Wigs & Wishes. We are part of a network of Beauty Industry Leaders, Salon Owners and Stylists committed to donating wigs, styling services, and a warm heart to listen to women undergoing treatment for cancer. Together we can restore dignity to women who have lost their hair to chemotherapy. We are now accepting hair donations to be made into real hair wigs. If you or someone you know is in need of this service you can contact us at The Look Salon & Blow Dry Bar at 407-977-8481.



January 19, 2016

"I found out about Gail and her salon via a nurse at my oncology office when I started chemotherapy in 2014. I called and the wonderful staff got me in to see her almost immediately and I was able to consult about what I needed or wanted going forward. I hadn’t lost all my hair yet, but it was going fast. She cut it and gave it a treatment that was wonderful. We determined that I would probably benefit from having a wig going forward and she was able to provide me with a really great one that same day. It was a wonderful experience that made me feel great at a time when that didn’t seem possible. I will be forever grateful to all the people who give of themselves so constantly."

-Kristin Peterson

The Look Salon Made Me Feel Wonderful

June 5, 2015

"This is a wonderful experience when you are going though a long journey which includes the loss of your hair. I had been losing my hair for four days when I went into “The Look Salon” for the first time. I felt so welcome! I was prepared for the hair loss but it is still a shock when it starts to happen. The owner Gail and her staff were so friendly and made me feel right at home, not self conscience in the least. I had my head shaved and I felt 90% better. I wore scarfs and a hat until my wig came in. Once the staff put makeup on me and placed the wig on my head I felt like a new woman! The wig is very comfortable and fits so well! I looked better after this wonderful experience than before the hair loss. Thank You Gail and the staff at the Look Salon!"

My Transformation

December 5, 2014

"I was having my first round of Chemo Therapy for my breast cancer and knew my hair was soon going to start falling out. One of the nurses came to me and told me about The Look Salon and the work that Gail Benson and her staff do for women chemo patients like me. So after the therapy, my sister and I went to the salon to meet Gail and see what this was all about. Walking in, we were welcomed with warm and friendly smiles. Gail introduced herself and right away we were talking wigs! She showed me her wall of previous women who she has helped lift their spirits so right away I knew I was in good hands. Well, my hair had gone and just as I was feeling so so about how am I going to make this work so I don’t feel so freakish when I am out and about, Gail calls and tells me that the salon is having a night of Wine Women and Wigs and if I would like to attend as the honoree for the evening. Of course I said SURE!!! Not only did she get me the wig of my dreams but also outfitted me for the holidays from head (literally) to toe. Clothes, shoes, jewelry and beautiful makeup! I felt like a million bucks. I feel like a brand new Fern, beautiful, confident and feeling like a million bucks. The night was a dream come true for me and when I returned home by boyfriend could not believe how good I looked and said “They definitely went above and beyond, you look amazing”. Well that was the icing on the cake for me! Thank you, Thank you Gail and everyone at the Look Salon for all you did for me. I will never ever forget any of you and when my hair does start coming back, be assured ladies, I will be in the Salon for you to do your magic again with styling my new hair however it will decide to grow in!"

My New “Hair” Makes Me Smile!

October 19, 2014

"A routine mammogram detected a small tumor; the sonogram confirmed it…and the doctor said: “We have a lot of work ahead of us!” The amount of information and appointments, doctors, sessions, tests…that need to be done will certainly keep you hopping. It was difficult to even digest all that information so why even share it. I thought I could just keep it to the immediate family, I would just get it done. But, to be a good “warrior” and beat this annoying cancer, you need to have an army….and you know, I DO! When chemo treatment began, it quickly moved to weakening the hair follicles and the “loss” began. I asked my husband to shave me …as I cried seeing the remnants fall to the ground. But, on the flip side…it is summer, and it’s quite liberating not to have to worry about hair and humidity! As the chemo continued, the eyebrows and lashes also diminished….but also on my legs and other areas – so no more shaving needed! Because I was fortunate to be able to go on extended medical leave, I was not too concerned about my day-to-day look so a cleverly tied scarf really did the trick. Each day I was becoming less interested in going out …. feeling less and less attractive. My beautiful niece Angie called one day and mentioned a program called FABYS at the Oviedo “The Look” Salon…..”they will fit you for a wig – you need to go!!”….Well, prodded by an entourage of sister, niece and daughter…I met with the enthusiastic “The Look” salon owner Gail Benson and her staff. These wonderful loving individuals had a vision on what my “look” should be…and they did not disappoint. Today, I went for my wigs…yes, Gail and the staff could not decide if I should be a brunette or a blonde…so, she did both to keep it exciting! Accompanied by my wonderful family, I was treated like celebrity at a photo shoot…and there was the popping of the pink champagne, also! The talented staff did an amazing job with the make up and thus “putting on a face” on a canvas that looked tired and beaten. When I looked in the mirror I could not believe that was me – SMILING!! Yes, I must be very vain, but I felt so uplifted. Then, when Gail put the wigs on (one at a time, of course!) it was an overwhelmingly moving experience. I looked around the salon, and my family, the staff and even the clients were all so happy for me…these strangers were all happy for me. There is my army…I am ready to continue fighting for I have drawn strength and energy. I am still smiling! I always knew I was blessed with a wonderful loving family and friends…now I am further blessed by new friends sharing my journey. Thank you, Gail … thank you, “The Look” salon staff, thank you to my family. I don’t know what tomorrow may bring, so I will live this day to the fullest…smiling!"

2015 Lifetime Achievement Award





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3635 Aloma Ave #1025

Oviedo, FL 32765

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